Teen Idol Tour Concert Photos

Nashville, TN
May 29, 1999
Photos By Sharon and Diane Meck

We had a wonderful time in Nashville. The Get Together organized by Karen Wilson was a huge success. There were dozens of Bobby Babes there. The Bridge Lounge in the Reniassance Hotel has a fabulous view of the city. There was even a Mardi Gras parade that went right by the hotel.

Suzie and Nancy brought their inflatable idol, appropriately dressed in black vinyl and red sequins. There were lots of great items to bid on at the silent auction. We bought raffle tickets and Bonnie drew them out of a water pitcher. The winners got one of the auction items that received no bids. I won my bid for a great 8x10 photo of Bobby in a blue striped shirt. Then I won a magazine and another picture from the raffle.

We all had a great time laughing and hugging. I got to meet Becky from Portland for the first time. I've talked to her many times in the chatroom, but finally met her in Nashville. Great lady, so many great ladies. I love these Get Togethers.

Sharon is not a very common name, and I haven't met that many other Sharon's over the years, but in Nashville there were three of us at the Get Together. Plus, and here's the kicker, all of our last names started with "M". I don't think that has ever happened to me before. Sharon Meck, Sharon McGinnis, and Sharon Meyers all in the same room. Well, we all just had a really good time.

Then the concert, Bobby came down my aisle and I gave him a big hug and a kiss. He recognized Diane and I and said "Hi, how are you guys?" It was great. The arena bouncers wouldn't let us go up to the stage though and I couldn't give Bobby the flowers we'd brought him. Sharon Meyers' little daughter Katie got very upset over it too. There was nothing I could do though, the security guys just wouldn't let me by. I tried about 3 times, this was the first time that I was denied access to the stage. It was pretty upsetting. But at least I had already gotten my kiss in the aisle.

Micky was a bit more animated in Nashville then he had been in Atlanta, and Peter was his usual exhuberant self, he brought the house down with Henry the 8th. We liked Paul Revere and the Raiders, but were not very impressed with 3 Dog Night. We've heard others say it was the other way around for them, so who knows. We weren't really there to see the other bands anyway.

The lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders is Carl Driggs, he's Cuban. He wore black spandex pants, black leather boots that came up over his knees and a ruffly white pirate shirt open to the waist. He had on two earrings, one hoop and one cross and a big gold medalion necklace. His hair was slicked back with one little curl down in the middle of his forehead. He had this whole Jimmy Smits look going on, you know what I mean. During their best song "Kicks" he would kick his leg up over his head like a ballet dancer! It was wild. I have been wondering ever since how to get Bobby to borrow that outfit! WooooWeeee!

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Photos copyright 1999, Sharon and Diane Meck, all rights reserved.

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