Pam Gilbert's Photos of Hershey Park

and Great Adventure

Thanks to Pamela Gilbert who sent me these pictures she took at the Teen Idol Tour Concerts at Hershey Park on 7/5/98 and at Great Adventure on 7/26/98. These are really good. There are a total of 17 photos downloading now. This may take some time, but hopefully not too long.

Bobby wore the White Shirt/Black Pants at Hershey Park and the Black Shirt/Silver Pants at Great Adventure. Davy wore the White Satin Suit at Hershey Park and the "Oh So Cool" casual jeans at Great Adventure.

These photos copyright 1998, Pamela Gilbert, All rights reserved.

Cool Pants

Nice Shirt

Great Smile

Oh, Pam!

Those blue eyes



Now that's Tongue and Groove

Oh Yeah!


So cute

Nice Maracas

Casual Davy

We love the look

Shake your tamborine

Looking Good David


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